Treatments, Workshops & Gemcomb Practitioner Training

What is so beautiful about the Gemcombs and continues to surprise us and our Gemcomb friends, is that the Gemcombs seem to guide us how to use them. You simply need to hold a Gemcomb and then follow the impulse that is ignited by the connection. It works like a charm and at our Gemcomb Gatherings, we witness every time that people who have never worked energetically on another, know exactly what to do.

Using the Gemcombs doesn’t require special training or an activation of your healing abilities. You and the Gemcomb can be, play, comb and work together easily and effortlessly, right away.

For those of you who want to deepen their knowledge and experience in working with the Gemcombs, we offer two hour and two day live and online workshops. For hair salons, spas and holistic health practitioners we offer on site and online consultation in regards to the perfect treatment for their business. Training and practitioner certification programs are available.

The Two-Hour Workshop

• Introduction of the speaker, the participants, and the Gemcombs
• Meditation with the Gemcombs. Each participant holds a Gemcomb without knowing which one, with their eyes closed and feels and listens. Then the impressions are shared with the group
• Demonstrations of the Gemcombs’ uses and applications
• Partner work. Two participants team up. First one participants treats the other with the help of the Gemcombs. After 10-15 minutes they switch. Then the experiences of the giver and receiver are both shared with the group.
• Closing circle with the Gemcombs. One option: all Gemcombs are put in a circle and whoever wants to be in the circle or around it is invited to do so. This workshop is conducted by Linda Deslauriers, Gemcomb Retail Partners and Gemcomb Therapy Practitioners. The fee for this workshop is $25.

The Two-Day Workshop

Longer periods of time studying and experiencing the Gemcombs up to two days are very beneficial, as every participant can receive a complete treatment 1.5-2 hours and/or a personal Gemcomb reading, in which the Gemcomb is used as a medium to answer the participants questions. In addition to the content of the Gemcomb workshop, we explore all the different uses and applications in depth, learn about the Astrology of the Gemcombs, and their role in the collective field.
This seminar is conducted by Linda Deslauriers, Gemcomb Therapy Practitioners.
The fee for this workshop is $225.

Spa & Training

We have developed several unique therapeutic wellness Gemcomb treatments, which we would love to share with you and refine specifically for your holistic health practice or salon and your staff.
Contact us for a free consultation.
The training to become a Gemcomb Therapy Practitioner spans 30+ hours, which can be done either completely live or divided into 15 hours live and 15 hours online. The two-day workshop can be one module. The fee for the training is $333.
Please contact us in regards to our prerequisites (questionnaire/digital photo of yourself) so we can time and design together the perfect training program for you. If an applicant has already extensive personal and professional experience in the holistic health field or in gemology the hours can be reduced.

The training encompasses basic gemology, the foundations of gemstone therapy and energy work, extensive knowledge of the Gemcombs and how they can be used, work ethics, and introduction of personal and professional life strategies, which are in harmony with the Gemcomb philosophy.