Which Gemcomb is the best for me?

Here, are a few guiding concepts and questions in choosing the best Gemcomb for you, right now.

Choosing by intuition
We all have intuition but we may access it differently, namely visually, auditory and kinesthetically.

For the Visual Intuitive
Which Gemcomb immediately stood out for you, when you looked at all the whole collection?

For the Audio Intuitive
Which Gemcomb immediately spoke to you?

For the Kinesthetic Intuitive
Which Gemcomb did you spontaneously want to touch? Which Gemcomb are you drawn to?

Choosing by current life theme

This is a general recommendation. For more detailed guidance email us or book a Gemcomb reading.

When you are going through a healing phase, when you need to forgive, especially members of your family, when you need to feel connected to higher realms for guidance and support… Snow Quartz

When you feel that you need to cleanse and purify yourself, when you want to become crystal clear in an important area in your life… Quartz Crystal

When you would like to receive visions and guidance in regards to your highest destiny, when you need to let go of addictions… Amethyst

When you need to increase love in your life, for yourself and for others, when you are grieving and in emotional pain… Rose Quartz

When you and your body and hair need to find balance, calm, rejuvenation… Jade

When you need to access your inner ‘tiger’ representing strength and assertiveness… Tiger Eye

When you need to access your creativity and when you need energy to get into action… Red Jasper

When you need to detoxify on all levels and clearly differentiate what works for you and what doesn’t… Snowflake Obsidian

When you need to completely let go of something, in the sense of letting the old die so that the new can come forth… Black Obsidian

Choosing by Astrological sign

Here you find a reference chart for your Astrological sun sign:

Aries: Red Jasper
Taurus: Rose Quartz, Jade, Red Jasper
Gemini: Quartz Crystal, Blue Quartz
Cancer: Snow Quartz
Leo: Quartz Crystal, Tiger Eye
Virgo: Blue Quartz
Libra: Rose Quartz
Scorpio: Snowflake Obsidian, Black Obsidian
Sagittarius: Amethyst
Capricorn: Quartz Crystal, Black Obsidian
Aquarius: Blue Quartz
Pisces: Snow Quartz, Amethyst