Red Jasper Gemcomb


Red Jasper is the Stone of Creativity. Its red color derives from natural silica and symbolized the blood of the Earth. Red Jasper is said to have invigorating and stabilizing properties. Red Jasper makes the stable and vibrant energy of the Earth mother visible and fosters stillness, peace and the deep assurance of being supported. The Red Jasper Gemcomb is related to the second chakra.

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In Gemstone therapy it is used to alleviate depression, balance problems of the blood, digestion, bladder and nervous system. It is said that it can ease the pain of childbirth and be used for protection by increasing one’s own energy shield. Furthermore red jasper promotes deep relaxation, balanced sexuality, strengthens will power and enables to carry out conflicts.

Core Qualities: Peace, relaxation, will power, energy, protection

Key Affirmation: I create, co-create and recreate life. I am always supported by the earth. I am alive.

My blood is pulsating through my body evenly. I am protected. Red Jasper represents our lifeblood, the earth and Africa where it is found. The Red Jasper gemstone comb was created to regenerate and balance our inner rhythms and the flow of life energy. When the storm is over, outside of you or inside of you, it is time to remember again, that we were supported all along. The Red Jasper Gemcomb™ reminds us to walk gracefully, beautifully and empowered on this earth. Breathe deeply when experiencing the Red Jasper Gemcomb gliding through your hair. Relax and when it is time, continue your journey enriched with the wisdom of the ages, it took to form this object of magic.


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