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The Gemcomb Story

Gemcomb Timeline

February 1990
Vision of the Rose Quartz Comb

January 2004
Founding the Gemcomb Company. Linda Deslauriers’ first book Hair in the Light is published in Germany. The Rose Quartz Comb made it onto the cover.

October 2004

We receive the first Gemcombs: Rose Quartz, Jade, Amethyst and Quartz Crystal.

July 2005

We add the Snowflake Obsidian, Tiger Eye, and Red Jasper Gemcombs to the collection.

April 2008

Temporarily, we weren’t able to get neither Quartz Crystal nor Snowflake Obsidian and we substitute with Snow Quartz and Black Obsidian. We kept them on board after we got to know their distinct energy even when the other raw materials became available again.

June 2010

Finally we have a blue Gemcomb. The Blue Lace Agate was the missing one in the rainbow of Gemcombs.

October 2015

Since the unusually high price increase of the raw Blue Lace Agate we cannot keep the same price for all Gemcombs and now ordered the Blue Quartz Gemcomb. Again, we cannot get Snowflake Obsidian and are waiting for samples of the silver and rainbow colored Obsidian Gemcombs.

It all started with a little tiger eye gem in a store in Germany, which I acquired when I was around five years of age. I still remember how its colors, shape, and feel filled me with wonder and fascination. I could not believe that something so beautiful would grow deep down in the earth. The charm never ceased and I started collecting gem stones.
In my early twenties, when I had just embarked on my professional path as a holistic hair care practitioner, I was traveling by train, suddenly hearing a voice:

“I am the Rose Quartz Comb. I want to be manifested
in this world to bring love and light to people’s hair.”

The energy behind these words was strong, clear and enchanting. Within two weeks I found a jeweler who would make this comb for me.
This first Rose Quartz Comb combed thousands of people’s hair and auras in the next decade. I cleansed and bathed it in waterfalls, rivers, lakes and oceans. It rested in craters, inside the earth and in beautiful gardens and flew with me through the clouds. People were touched by its beauty, energy, sound and message. Now many years later, I have designed a rainbow of Gemcombs for all of us to be, play, experiment, work and comb ourselves with!

Thank you for your interest in the Gemcombs. I truly love hearing from you. Email me your questions, stories and experiences.

With love and light
Linda Deslauriers

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