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The Gemcombs are machine-cut, hand-carved and polished out of different gemstones. They require special handling and care and have multiple applications in addition to simply combing one’s hair.
In order for you to connect with, understand and make the most out of your Gemcombs, we have put together The Gemcomb Guide, which you can download when you sign up to our Gemcomb News.

If you have any questions, which have not been answered in the FAQ please email us and we will get back with you.We are looking forward to serving you!


In the event that your Gemcomb gets damaged or breaks, we can offer you two repair options. First, we would appreciate an email describing how the incident happened and exactly how the Gemcomb is damaged or in how many parts it broke. A digital photo would be ideal. Then we can decide whether or not the Gemcomb is recyclable into one or two smaller Gemcombs, in which case, you would mail it back to us: Gemcomb, 382 City Center Drive, Rohnert Park, CA 94928.

Option 1: We replace the Gemcomb with a new Gemcomb (can be the same kind or a different one) for a reduced rate.
Option 2: We recycle your Gemcomb into a smaller Gemcomb (with 4-8 teeth) and return it to you for a repair fee of $25, which includes shipping. We never glue broken combs. You can glue a broken tooth back on with super glue but we don’t distribute damaged combs.

If the Gemcomb is not recyclable because it broke into too many pieces, you can mail the pieces back to us for recycling or you can recycle them yourselves. We recommend to intuitively feel and decide what the best form
of recycling would be. We have put gemstone pieces into flower pots, gardens, water bodies or in a gemstone tumbler to smoothen them into little gems.

It takes a lot of energy and effort to cut and carve one Gemcomb. We want to take care of it as good as possible, even if it changes its original form.


When you order a Gemcomb through this site we take care of the shipping and handling charges. We send the Gemcombs with USPS and require a delivery confirmation. Each Gemcomb is carefully wrapped and protected for its journey to you. We use new and recycled packaging materials.


If you would like to return the Gemcomb we sent you, please mail it back within 10 days after you received it to Gemcomb, 382 City Center Drive, Rohnert Park, CA 94928. We will reverse your payment immediately. If the Gemcomb is damaged or soiled, we will reimburse 75% of your payment.