The Five Most Powerful Ways to Use the Gemcombs

Infuse your hair and aura with healing gemstone energy

Comb your hair, body and aura for increased flow of life force

Clear your hair and aura from anything that no longer serves you

Protect your work and living space

Uplift yourself and your loved ones with their beauty and high frequency

Quick Guide

Which Gemcomb is the best one for me?

Quartz Crystal for Clarity…
Amethyst for Wisdom…
Rose Quartz for Love and Self-Confidence…
Jade for Nurturing and Balance…
Tiger Eye for Empowerment…
Red Jasper for Creativity…
Black Obsidian for Transformation…

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What Gemcomb Friends are saying

The Gemcombs have a special energy. Children feel this immediately and treat them very carefully and with awe. The best is getting my hair and aura combed by another person or even a child. That feels like pure tenderness. I feel more radiant afterwards.

Ilka Sternberger

Waldorf Teacher, Tivoli Rainbow Garden Preschool

When I experienced the Gemcombs for the first time, I was surprised to see the color of the Gemcomb Linda was combing my hair with in front of my inner eye. I saw pink when Linda used the Rosequartz comb, green for the Jade and when the Snowflake Obsidian comb glided through my hair I saw a night sky with snowflakes and I had never seen that stone before. After I participated in a Gemcomb Workshop and we treated us, for example cleansed our auras, my trust into the power of the Gemcombs grew.  I use the Gemcombs daily not just for combing my hair but I also keep them close to my bedside. Sometimes when I wake up at night I place one on my heart. I love the Gemcombs, they are part of my life.

Keala Gerhard

Reconnective Healing Practitioner

The Gemcombs are a regular part of my hair, scalp and energy care. I always have one with me, in the car or on my night stand to be able to at least comb myself briefly and relax while doing so.

Fred Cogan

Horse trainer

The Gemcombs are creating miracles. Yesterday I used one on a friend and he was the first one who could hear the Rose Quartz Comb speak. In his mind he saw a happy smiley face and it said ‘Hi, I am here and I’ll work with you.’ He had open heart surgery a while ago and he could really feel it in is heart, when I worked on him.

Petra Schuler

Body & Energy Worker

When the Gemcomb touched my hair, it felt as if angels wrapped their wings around me.

Jan Ellison